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Happy Tummy FAQ

Stomach issues in dogs can have several causes, but diet plays an important role. In order for your dog to overcome whatever they are feeling in their tummies, we must ensure that we are extra careful with their diet. Happy Tummy takes part in making your dog feel great - the active ingredients in it aid digestion and provide your dog with healthy bacteria that can prevent stomach problems and upset gasses.

Happy Tummy is suggested for every dog over 4 months of age. Because a species-appropriate and a well-balanced diet is essential for them. And the sooner you start, the longer your dog can make the most of its benefits.

Premium quality food is very important for your dog's digestion - they contain many minerals and vitamins that contribute to their health. Dr. Shiba’s Happy Tummy contains all of the prime natural ingredients, and pre- and probiotics that support a dog's better digestion and create many positive health impacts.

Of course! Prebiotics and probiotics are crucial for your dog's gut flora and can contribute a significant result on digestion. What is important here is the total number of germs in the microorganisms. The total germ count indicates how many microorganism colonies (e.g. our pre- and probiotics) are in a food sample. We guarantee that Happy Tummy contains a minimum total bacterial count of 100 million Colony Forming Units (CFU) per snack. We have this number checked regularly to keep it within a healthy range for your doggo. These extremely beneficial microorganisms promote a healthy bowel and digestive system.