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Howlistic Bundle: Happy Tummy Treats + Leash

₱799 ₱1,098
: Happy Tummy + Heckin Cute Leash


Give your pup an extra boost with this Bundle! It includes an all-natural supplement that promotes a healthy digestive and immune system and a dog leash that's perfect for those snappy walks.

Bundle Details

Leash Specification:
Length: 150 cm
Width: 2 cm
Material: Eco-friendly polyester
Recommended: For small to medium-sized dogs

Supplement Details:
Net Weight: 250g per tub


🦴 Happy Tummy Treats

🐶 Healthy digestion: A healthy digestive system is incredibly important for the well-being of your dog. It serves many functions: absorb food and nutrients, maintain water and electrolyte balance, eliminate toxins, etc.

🐶 Regulated intestines: The blend of different vitamins, proteins, and a variety of pre- and probiotics provides essential fiber promoting healthy bowel regulation and actively supporting your dog’s digestive tract.

🐶 Strong immune system: Keeping your dog's immune system balanced is crucial for their total health and well-being. A strong immune system is a basis for a minimal risk to catch diseases. We have the opportunity to show our com-paw-nions every single day how much we love and care for them. Don’t wait ‘til it’s “too late” to start treating them right - start today!

🐕 Your Everyday Dog Leash

The Dr. Shiba Dog Leash is the perfect accessory for your favourite fur baby. It's made from eco-friendly material and features a modern and fun design that will keep your doggo at ease, safe, and comfortable while out on their daily stroll.

🐕 Durable Stitching: Made from top-quality materials and exquisite weaving techniques, the Dr. Shiba leash will not tear or split no matter how tough your pup gets!

🐕 Heavy Duty Clamp: The Dr. Shiba leash includes a 360-degree rotating clamp that can attach or detach the leash from your pet's collar or harness effortlessly. It is also rust-resistant, making it an ideal accessory for long-term use.

🐕 Stylish & Comfortable: Made from eco-friendly polyester, the Dr. Shiba dog leash is soft and comfortable to hold, even for extended walks. It is designed with vibrant colours and features a geometric design that will never fade or wash out over time.

🐕 Everyday Leash: The Dr. Shiba leash is excellent for walking, running, and training. It allows you to give your dog just enough running room while keeping him safe and close to you.


Egg yolk powder, oat flour, beef powder, brewer's yeast powder, glucosamine, salmon oil, soybean phospholipid oil powder, sheep colostrum powder, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, pantothenic acid, niacin.
Vitamin B2, pantothenic acid, niacin, folic acid, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Enterococcus faecalis, montmorillonite

Daily feeding recommendations by dog size

🐕 Small doggos (up to 12kg): 6 treats

🐕 Medium doggos (12-24kg): 12 treats

🐕 Large doggos (more than 24kg): 24 treats

*1 Treat per kg of dog weight; can be reduced by 50% above 25kg.

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Union Bank

Credit Card Payments via:
American Express

Other Payments Methods:
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Customer Reviews

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Easy, Affordable & Highly Effective — The Proof

93% of dogs are fed dry dog food that is nutritionally dead! Fulfill your dogs' nutritional needs with Advanced Multivitamin by Dr. Shiba.

Honest reviews, from verified customers

Based on 123 reviews

My friend recommended this to me.. I've been feeding my 3 doggos Dr. Shiba treats for a month now. Got to say that the Jolly Joints is my personal favorite! They are more playful

Jolly Joints
Keesha Lopez
Jolly Miggy

My dog, Miggy likes Jolly Joints a lot. Super satisfied with the product and surely my dog is too. Can't wait to have my other dogs try it as well.

Jolly Joints
Mohir Uddin Ahmed
My 16 year old dog can run now!

I didn't expect it to work that well but after consuming the tub over the course of a few weeks, my super old dog can run again. 💗

Game changer

My dog Cookie became more energetic and playful after weeks of taking Dr. Shiba's Jolly Joint. Before he barely run and just sit all day. Im glad I discovered this treat!

Jolly Joints
Susanne Renner
Jump on it! Finally running like a puppy again

Ley is up and running again. Absolutely in love with this supplement treat that has been giving her the energy of a young puppy again

No more headshaking!

Absolutely in love with this treat. It's so yummy and now I don't need to shake my head anymore all the time. Finally back to being a super doopie healthy golden gal!!! <3


Nice design with a good quality

Super satisfied and also the quality and packing is 101/100 percent so perfect! Will buy again!

NEW! Triple-Care Bundle with FREE Leash

NEW! Triple-Care Bundle with FREE Leash

NEW! Triple-Care Bundle with FREE Leash

I love it!

Hello. I received my order few days ago. My pug really loves it. I so like the leash freebie. Thank you so much.

My dogs love the treats!

Kudos dr shiba

all products are good and effective hope for some discounts thanks dr shiba (MangoTheHotdog)

Silky Fur
Rosemarie Isip

Silky Fur

NEW! Triple-Care Bundle with FREE Leash
Vanessa Kassandra Meneses
My dogs love them!

I have three lovely fur babies and they definitely love their Dr. Shiba supplements! I'll order again very soon!

Happy Tummy
Ernesto Santiago

Your products are amazing, and very effective and my dogs love the taste. Thank you


My dog loves it! I've given him treats from so many others, but this has really been his fave so fat. He gets so happy whenever I go near the tub. Will def order again <3

NEW! Triple-Care Bundle with Leash

Dr. shibamazing

Very effective and high quality product! More power Dr. Shiba

Jolly Joints
Frannie Villanueva
Jolly Joints, Silky Fur, Happy Tummy

Our fur babies love it. :-)

Jolly Joints
Arlon Patdu
Dogs fave

My dogs really like your treat.and also f9r the benefits for their bones and joints..

My Belgian Turvuren and jack Russell x japanese Spitz love the treats so much. They can't get enough of it. I haven't seen the results yet on my dogs. But I'm loving how they love their treats..

Jolly Joints
Joints and Tummy

Our four Yorkies and Biewer have one treat a day because of their sizes. They either get a Tummy Treat or a Joint Treat. I hope the treats live up to the expectations. The Group seems to enjoy the occasional change from their hepatic kibble.

Worth it and will definitely buy again

Already ordered twice of the triple bundle since the first one is such a hit for our 4 dogs. The smell of the treats already makes our dogs excited, they like it so much as a treat and as a topper for the usual meal they have. Definitely worth it but if you have bigger dogs, the treats really go empty fast hahaha