7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy during the Rainy Season

7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy during the Rainy Season

You wake up after a long night's sleep, your body languid on cool sheets. There's a soft pitter-patter outside your window. It's the perfect symphony to start your day. 

Going back to sleep is tempting, but a different sound draws your attention. It's your dog whining outside your bedroom door, its claws scratching at the surface, asking to be let in.

So many of us enjoy the rainy season, but it's not the same for our beloved dogs. Thunder and lightning spook them, and the wet weather prevents them from prancing outdoors.

Keeping your dog happy and healthy during this season is challenging but not impossible, especially if you follow these tips.

Drip, Drip, Dry

Dog drying with a blanket


Rain and wet fur go hand-in-hand like your dog and its favorite snack. Of course, getting wet after playing in the rain isn't harmful, but you should make sure that your dog is completely dry after.

Keep some absorbent towels near the door so you can pat them dry immediately. Doing so also stops them from spraying water and making a mess indoors. 

Snuggle-Worthy Shelter

Some dogs stay indoors, others outdoors. Regardless of your dog's sleeping situation, you should always ensure that their place of rest stays dry. After all, their bed and dog house is their haven, allowing them to sleep peacefully after a day of zooming around.

You can inspect the surrounding area of their dog bed, checking if there are leaks from the walls or roofs. This inspection is also beneficial for your home as you can prevent further damage from occurring if you do minor fixes immediately. 

Tail Wagging Time

Dog playing


Like humans, dogs benefit from physical activities. Playtime and exercise help them stretch out joints and spend energy, resulting in calmer pooches come nighttime.

Now, playing while it's raining outside may be challenging, especially if your companion doesn't like the rain. You can come up with activities you and your dog can do when you're not busy. These can be playing fetch, walking up and down the stairs, or wrestling in the living area for quick fun.

Indoor Playtime Extravaganza

On the topic of fun activities, consider investing in tools that can make playtime more fun for your pet. Nowadays, there are many options in the market, like soft stuffed animals or squeaky toys that can amuse dogs while you perform your responsibilities.

You can also use other items to keep you and your dog preoccupied. Some fur parents enjoy sporty items like tennis balls and jump ropes to keep their pets agile and exercised.

Furbulous Doggo

Dog having a spa day


It goes without saying that a well-groomed dog is a happy dog. During the rainy season, you must remember this adage since failing to keep your dog groomed may result in more problems.

For instance, if your dog likes playing in the rain, you need to dry them immediately. Fur parents with long-haired babies should try using a hair dryer and comb to ensure no tangles are left behind.

When you have time, you can also check if their ears are cleaned, nails are trimmed, and eyes are free from crusties. You'll find that these simple checks help out in the long run.

Zoomies Control

Dog cuddled with a toy

Sometimes the weather worsens to the point of lightning and thunder, both of which are terrible for your pet. Dogs get anxious and, in some cases, may resort to hiding to escape the noise.

Create a cozy space for them during these moments. A nest of blankets and pillows paired with soft tunes is the perfect combination to soothe your pup when they get scared.

Gourmet Rainy-Day Delights

Dr. Shiba functional dog treats

Food is one of the pillars of health. Without yummy and nutritious food, your dog may get sick during the rainy season.

If your dog only eats kibble, why not supplement it with other food? Dogs with long fur benefit from dog food mixed with fresh veggie stock of greens and squash. Of course, you need to do this in moderation.

Another option is to switch to healthier treats. Dr. Shiba has a range of functional goodies that help with common doggy problems, like a weak immune system and aching joints.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, rain-resistant pet parents – the ultimate guide to keeping your dog healthy and happy during the rainy season. 

You and your furry friend can make the most of those drizzly days with a bit of preparation, creativity, and love. After all, a wet nose and a wagging tail are the perfect antidote to rainy-day blues!

If you're looking for the best pet treats to reward your dog on rainy days, try Dr. Shiba's Happy Tummy supplements. These treats are filled with probiotics to keep your pup's tummy happy. 

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