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Dog Supplements Packed Into Tasty Treats

Happy Tummy

Healthier gut + stronger immune system! Get your dog’s paws on protein-rich treats combined with pre and probiotics.

Silky Fur

Your furry friend will look absolutely pawesome with healthy skin and hair from the inside out!

Jolly Joints

With healthier joints and stronger bones from Jolly Joints, your pup will be extra goofy and carefree!

High-quality ingredients scientifically formulated to increase longevity & wellbeing!

The perfect match for your dog’s needs

At Dr. Shiba, we offer a variety of dog supplements packed into tasty treats. Our continuously expanding product portfolio currently includes 3 functional snacks:

Happy Tummy

Jolly Joints

Silky Fur

We make trying Dr. Shiba 100% risk-free

That’s right!

We want you to feel comfortable knowing your pooch is getting the very best that we have to offer. That’s why we back up each and every purchase with a 30-day, no BS warranty.

If you’re not happy with anything (yeah, we mean anything) email us at wuff@dr-shiba.com and we will do what we can to put it right.

Expect more happiness and overall improved health with Dr. Shiba supplements!

We use state-of-the-art German formulations, co-developed and endorsed by renowned veterinary experts to provide real benefit for your furry family member.

Our products are made without artificial components, are all low-calorie, toxin-free, and completely natural.

Doggo supplements have never been yummier! They’re healthy treats your furry friends will surely love!

Why Vets & Nutritionists recommend Dr. Shiba

“As a dog parent, I'm happy that the treats have helped my dogs to be more energetic and happy. Our playtime is longer than a few months ago, yet they would still be like a ball of energy - no panting or vomiting! Plus, their health is also reflected in how their coat is shiny, thanks to these functional snacks. My dogs, Russel and Boogie, would even prefer Dr. Shiba, among other brands. Overall, these functional snacks are fantastic! I would recommend them to my fellow vets, colleagues and clients.”
Dr. Heinrich Patrick "Chip" Domingo - Manila Zoo Veterinarian
“After giving the treats to our dogs and I was surprised to see great results! I've noticed that our dogs have shinier and healthier coats and have become more active. Previously, our dogs shed a lot, and after giving them Dr. Shiba functional treats, their coats have improved immensely. They have also helped strengthen their bones and fight diarrhea while maintaining good digestion.

These treats smell good and are super tasty, that’s why our dogs love them! I would say that every fur parent should give Dr. Shiba a try!"
Jazi Dalipi, CEO at Heizhen K9 Training Service. Heizhen K9 Training Service K9 Trainer - Caloocan
"Thank goodness Dr. Shiba is made with only healthy ingredients and supplements that benefit dogs.

These were the first treats I gave to some of my dog patients. Since they smell great and have an easily chewable consistency, it is easy to encourage dogs to eat them - they love them!

I'm glad I have tried the products and have witnessed several patients already who have improved appetite, coat condition, and joint health."
Emerald-Al J. Logranio (DVM Licensed Veterinarian) - Mindz Pet Veterinary and Grooming Services Center.
“We tested it on six picky eaters, and they liked them all. The smell and taste of these functional snacks appeal to all of them. What I like most is that they don't break into tiny pieces, unlike other products, which are all very brittle.

Our dogs loved chewing these treats, and since the size is just about right; our smaller dogs didn't have a hard time eating them. That’s why I'll give Dr. Shiba a complete 5/5!”
Caralea Veterinary Center Veterinarian - Quezon City

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