Making a difference in dogs' lives.

Dr. Shiba empowers dogs to lead happier, healthier lives. Now, we're taking our mission further by partnering with Pawssion Project. Through this collaboration, we're proudly donating supplies of our nutritious treats to support homeless dogs in their care.

The welfare of animals is one of our primary goals.

Every dog deserves a happy, healthy life. That's why at Dr. Shiba, we craft delicious, nutritious treats that fuel playtime and promote well-being for dogs of all sizes. But beyond healthy snacks, we believe all dogs are worthy of loving homes, so we proudly support organizations like Pawssion Project that provide love, care, and second chances to homeless dogs.

Our mission is to do more and help more.

On the streets, many dogs face unimaginable cruelty. But hope isn't lost. At Dr. Shiba, we believe every dog deserves a second chance, which is why we've joined forces with the incredible Pawssion Project.

Pawssion Project's mission is simple yet impactful. The organisation works to provide dogs with safe spaces while searching for loving families to welcome their rescued dogs. While in their care, all rescues receive daily treats specially crafted to bring joy and nourish the body.

Together, we ensure these vulnerable animals get the love, care, and tasty treats they need to heal and thrive until they find their fur-ever homes.

Teaming up with people who care.

Aside from working with Pawssion Project, we aim to find other ways to complement the work of other local organizations. We want to build and be part of a community that ensures all dogs receive humane care and a lot of love.

Join our advocacy today.

Help us make a difference. You can donate directly to Pawssion Project to support your chosen initiatives, but you can also show your support by purchasing Dr. Shiba supplement treats. We donate 3% of every purchase!