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I'm happy that the treats have helped my dogs to be more energetic and happy.

“As a dog parent, I'm happy that the treats have helped my dogs to be more energetic and happy. Our playtime is longer than a few months ago, yet they would still be like a ball of energy - no panting or vomiting! Plus, their health is also reflected in how their coat is shiny, thanks to these functional snacks. My dogs, Russel and Boogie, would even prefer Dr. Shiba, among other brands. Overall, these functional snacks are fantastic! I would recommend them to my fellow vets, colleagues and clients.”

Dr. Heinrich Patrick "Chip" Domingo

Manila Zoo Veterinarian

Our dogs have shinier and healthier coats and have become more active.

“After giving the treats to our dogs and I was surprised to see great results! I've noticed that our dogs have shinier and healthier coats and have become more active. Previously, our dogs shed a lot, and after giving them Dr. Shiba functional treats, their coats have improved immensely. They have also helped strengthen their bones and fight diarrhea while maintaining good digestion.

These treats smell good and are super tasty, that’s why our dogs love them! I would say that every fur parent should give Dr. Shiba a try!

Jazi Dalipi, CEO at Heizhen K9 Training Service.

Heizhen K9 Training Service K9 Trainer - Caloocan

These are the first treats I gave to my parvo recovering patients

“Thank goodness that Dr. Shiba is made with organic ingredients and includes supplements that benefit dogs. These are the first treats I gave to my parvo recovering patients, and because these functional snacks smell good and have a chewable consistency, it is easier to encourage my dog patients to take them. I'm glad I have tried the products and have witnessed a few patients who have improved appetite, coat condition, and joint health.” 

Emerald-Al J. Logranio

DVM Licensed Veterinarian

Mindz Pet Veterinary and Grooming Services Center.

We tested it on six picky eaters, and they liked them all

We tested it on six picky eaters, and they liked them all. The smell and taste of these functional snacks appeal to all of them. What I like most is that they don't break into tiny pieces, unlike other products, which are all very brittle. Our dogs loved chewing these treats, and since the size is just about right; our smaller dogs didn't have a hard time eating themThat’s why I'll give Dr. Shiba a complete 5/5!”

Caralea Veterinary Center

Veterinarian - Quezon City

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Dogs’ Delight

My dogs love this treat. They literally line up when it’s treat-time!


my pets like happy tummy so much, that's why I already buy it for the 2nd time. thank you.

Been giving these supplement treats to my doggie for quite some time now. He really likes it!
An addition to his treats is the breezy breathe mix.

Happy Tummy - Probiotic Dog Supplement For A Healthy Gut

very satisfied

Luca, Max and Jack love all of them and they are happy and healthy!!!

Happy Tummy - Probiotic Dog Supplement For A Healthy Gut

Dr Shiba bebefited my shihtzu, no more trigger of acids reflux since I gave her happy tummy treats. Last December my shihtzu was ill again of weak bones and cant manage to walk snd stand, i thought again dr shiba for their jolly joints. Its amazing! for 3 days giving her 5 pillets per day, she managed to wslk and stand up again, even the said that lifetime weak thigh

Jolly Joints -Dog Supplement for Joints

Happy Tummy - Probiotic Dog Supplement for a Healthy Gut

Dog’s best friend

My dogs love it! Will try other flavors next time. As of now i only give them beef flavor. All the Dr. Shiba products work!


Breezy Breathe is a revolutionary product from Dr. Shiba. Maintaining your pet’s good oral hygiene will no longer be a struggle. Been giving this to our 3 furballs since its launch. And never had any unwanted sideffects so far. Just add 10ml to every 500ml in their water and that’s it! Just make sure to change the water and wash their dispenser/bowl regularly and add Breezy Breath. CHEERS!


All my 6dogs loves the 4 Dr. Shiba Supplement treats. I will definitely purchase again

Dogs Love to eat them.

My dogs go carzy over the treats.

Happy Tummy & Pro Immune - Dog Supplements for a Healthy Gut and a Strong Immune System

Triple Care Bundle - Happy Tummy, Jolly Joints & Silky Fur - Dog Supplements

Great Find

I found Dr. Shiba from the ads on facebook. I am glad i get to know this product, my dog stopped licking his paws after taking the Happy Tummy treats from Dr. Shiba. Keep it up!

Happy Tummy: A Tail-Wagging Probiotic Delight for Your Furry Friend

Happy Tummy Probiotic Supplement has truly transformed my dog's digestive health. Since starting this product, my furry friend has had fewer tummy upsets and increased vitality. I'm impressed with the noticeable positive change in their overall well-being. This supplement is a game-changer for any dog owner looking to support their pet's gut health.


Looks effective.. less scratching

gave you 5 star for your product happy tummy, my pet really likes it, bili uli ako once my stock needs refil. regular na poops nya.

happy to have known Dr. Shiba happy tummy

thanks for knowing Dr. Shiba my furson had been likcking his paws for quiet sometimes. my son was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. he used to drink medicine but i have to stop it since he is now 4 years and i worried about his liver and kidneys...been searching for supplements that will help me with his licking and scratching ...thanks God and to Dr. Shiba after 2 canisters finished I had seen improvements. the licking and scratching is becoming occassional now...i had just ordered my 3rd can...thank you very much...its literally a Happy Tummy supplement

thanks to dr. shiba happy tummy

it works for my fur babies, scratching and paw licking was lessened.

Hi. Her itchiness mellowed down. Hopefully it’s going to be gone soon after 1 more tub. Ty.