Top 7 Tips on How to Work from Home as a Fur Parent

Top 7 Tips on How to Work from Home as a Fur Parent

Working from home sounds like a dream come true for fur parents. Who wouldn't want the chance to snuggle with a dog when the stress becomes too much?

Unfortunately, remote setups don't always entail sunshine and wagging tails. Balancing deadlines with belly rubs is a juggling act. Plus, it's challenging to resist puppy dog eyes.

Not all is lost, though. It's possible to stay productive without neglecting your furry companions. Here are some top-tier tips to help you navigate remote work with your dog.

Craft a Daily Routine

Doggy daily schedule

One of the best aspects of remote work is the flexible schedule. However, working on your own time can be tricky since you're more prone to distractions and procrastination. 

Without a proper routine, your pup may become a disruption during productive hours. They may be overly energetic, wanting to play or requesting cuddles while you're finishing tasks.

You can easily prevent this by setting a structure for your workdays. If you don't know where to start, you can look at your current routine and mold it to fit your and your pup's needs.

Set Up a Dedicated Workspace

Dog in front of laptop

Another benefit to the remote setup is the heightened comfort. You can work in any place and position, which is nice if you enjoy cuddling your dog while performing tasks. However, it does have some downsides, like having no separation between work and play.

Creating a divide between your professional and home life is a must if you work remotely since it allows you to "clock out" and adequately unwind after you’re done for the day.

Additionally, having a productivity nook your dog cannot access means you don’t need to worry about your fur baby making a cameo during meetings. If you work in a common area, consider setting a space for your dog far enough away from your workstation, like in a corner with their toys and pet bed.

Master the Art of Breaks

Dog playing with rope toy

You need to take breaks to be productive. It sounds counterintuitive, but having small gaps between tasks can give your brain respite. Plus, you can spend time with your dog during breaks.

Other than your lunchtime, consider scattering five to ten-minute recesses throughout the day. This is ample time to check on your pup, ensure they're hydrated, or let them out to do their business. 

These small breaks can boost your mood if you're having a bad day. A bonus is that you keep your furball entertained, preventing them from turning your laptop charger into their new chew toy.

Curate Toys and Distractions

Dr. Shiba squeaky toys

Toys are your best friends when working from home with your fur baby. These small bits of 'fun' can keep your dog entertained for quite a bit, but you need to be smart with the toys you choose for them.

If you have a one-room setup with your dog, try to give them toys that they can play with on their own, like chew dolls, stuffies, and ropes.  

Another option is to keep them entertained with media. Some dogs enjoy watching television, and your companion may be the same. Remember, though, that too bright or loud shows may overwhelm your pet. 

Clean and Groom

Dog getting fur brushed

As a fur parent, you already know that a regularly groomed pet is a happy pet, but did you know that proper pet grooming can help with your productivity, too?

Keeping your companion healthy and well-groomed lowers the chances of off-season shedding. They will be less likely to leave a trail of fur all over your workspace, which means less time spent cleaning up and more focused on your tasks.

Regular grooming also helps prevent discomfort for your dog, such as mats and tangles that can distract them or cause them to seek your attention when you're working. A content and comfortable pup is more likely to snooze while you tackle your to-do list.

Consider Social 'Petworking'

Dogs playing with a ball

Staying connected with colleagues and friends is essential, even for your furry friend. Consider integrating some social 'petworking' into your work-from-home routine. 

Virtual playdates or video calls with fellow fur parents can give your dog much-needed interaction and playtime with other pups.

You can also join online forums or social media groups dedicated to remote workers who are also fur parents. Sharing your experiences, tips, and adorable pet photos can be a great way to bond with others who understand the unique challenges and joys of working from home with a four-legged companion.

Final Thoughts

With patience, planning, and much puppy love, you can make working from home with your dog a delightful and successful endeavor. So, put these tips into action and create a work environment where wagging tails and productive tasks coexist seamlessly. 

Your furry friend will thank you for the extra quality time, and you'll find that the presence of your loyal companion enriches your workdays.

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