11 Reasons Dog Parents Love Dr. Shiba Dog Supplement Treats

Don’t Waste Your Time on Nutrient-lacking Treats and Give Your Pup What They Deserve.

  • Made with natural and scientifically proven ingredients.
  • Co-developed and approved by leading veterinarians.
  • HACCP, GMP, ISO9001, and BAI-certified.
  • 1. Longer Lifespans

    Studies show that dogs that exercise regularly and follow balanced diets live longer than dogs that don’t. 

    With Dr. Shiba Dog Supplement Treats, your dog can get the necessary nutrients to live long and happy. That means more adventures with your pup!

    2. Natural Ingredients, Functional Formulas

    Our dog supplement treats contain NO additives and artificial colouring.

    Plus, all ingredients are scientifically proven, offering plenty of health benefits to your canine.

    Look at Happy Tummy! These probiotic chews feature our proprietary Enzyme and Probiotic blends, which support your dog’s digestive system and boost their nutrient absorption.

    With these treats, your dog can have a happy tummy daily.

    3. Health and Wellness in Every Bite

    Dr. Shiba’s dog supplement treats are developed with your pup’s health in mind. We considered common canine problems and crafted targeted solutions for them!

    So, if your dog has issues with their gut health, immune system, skin and coat, hips and joints, or doggy stress and anxiety, Dr. Shiba has the supplement treats for you!

    4. Great for Dogs of All Ages

    Dog supplement treats aren’t just for old and ailing dogs.

    Even healthy and spry pups as young as four months old can enjoy them!

    In fact, it’s better to start while your pup is young! Giving them these treats when they’re still a puppy allows them to reap the benefits early and avoid issues

    like poor gut health and a weak immune system.

    5. Extensive Research and Development

    Your dog deserves only the best, so Dr. Shiba made it a point to work with trusted veterinary professionals when formulating our dog supplement treats.

    With the vets’ expertise and our carefully selected ingredients, we created delicious, nutrient-packed treats to address the pressing issues canines face today.

    Like poor gut health and a weak immune system.

    6. Regulate the Digestive System

    Poor gut health can ruin your dog’s day-to-day. It can leave them weak against allergens, resulting in excessive itching, paw biting, and drooling.

    Dr. Shiba’s Happy Tummy is the tastiest solution for an unwell gut.

    Containing a blend of protein-rich prebiotics and probiotics, these treats provide the essential fibre that promotes healthy bowel regulation and actively supports your dog's digestive tract.

    7. Strengthen the Immune System

    Your dog’s immune system is their natural defence against sickness and allergies. When it’s weak, your dog can’t go on fun adventures with you.

    Give your pup Pro Immune Supplement Treats to reinforce their immune system. These nutrient-filled chews are loaded with vitamins and minerals, which help your dog battle sickness, allergy symptoms, and infections.

    8. Nourish the Skin and Coat

    Have you ever seen a dog with fur so shiny you’re left feeling jealous?

    Well, you can help your dog shine bright like a star, too, by including essential fatty acids in their diet!

    Dr. Shiba’s Silky Fur can provide the Omega-3 Fatty Acids that promote fur growth, nourish the skin, and improve scalp health. With these yummy chews, your dog can look as good as they feel!

    9. Support Hips and Joints

    Imagine your dog running around the park, playing with other doggos and 

    Having the time of their life. Now, picture them slowing down, their hips and joints aching. It’s not a pretty picture, is it?

    With Dr. Shiba’s Jolly Joints, you can help prevent bodily aches and inflammations! Give your dog the recommended number of chews daily, and watch them grow stronger and healthier with every treat.

    10. Soothe Anxiety and Aggression

    Like humans, dogs can feel stress and anxiety. Their reaction to these negative feelings varies, with some shying away while others become aggressive.

    If these symptoms seem familiar, your dog needs soothing ASAP.

    Instead of relying on medication, try Peaceful Paws Supplement Treats. These calming chews contain natural ingredients like Ashwagandha and Suntheanine, helping your dog deal with stressors and resulting in a more relaxed doggo.

    11. Animal Welfare Advocacy

    At Dr. Shiba, we believe that every animal deserves a loving home. This is why we work with Pawssion Project, a non-profit organisation that helps abused, neglected, and forgotten cats and dogs find loving homes.

    We donate 2% of every purchase to the Pawssion Project. So, by buying Dr. Shiba Dog Supplement Treats, you’re helping not only your pup live a better life but also animals in need!


    Probiotics Blend in Happy Tummy

    Our proprietary probiotics blend provides your dog with the friendly bacteria needed to cultivate a balanced gut flora, resulting in easier digestion and a stronger immune system.

    Colostrum in Pro Immune

    Also known as “first milk,” Colostrum is a highly nutritious substance sourced from female mammals that is known for its immunity-boosting capabilities.

    Omega-6 Fatty Acids in Silky Fur

    Omega-6 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats that contribute to your dog's skin and coat health. They help maintain the skin's moisture balance and support a healthy skin barrier.

    Cod Liver Oil in Jolly Joints

    Cod liver oil is commonly used to soothe joint aches and inflammation because it contains essential fatty acids. It also improves joint flexibility.

    Valerian Root in Peaceful Paws

    Valerian Root is an herbal supplement proven to help with stress and anxiety. In dogs, this herb promotes calm and relaxation, soothing stress, anxiety, or aggression your dog may be exhibiting.

    Three Ways to Enjoy Dog Supplement Treats

    Treats, Just Cause

    Unlike other supplements, Dr. Shiba’s Dog Supplement Treats can be enjoyed like regular treats! Since they don’t contain fillers, your pup can have a delicious and nutritious snack every day.

    Training Reward

    Want to teach your dog new tricks? Dr. Shiba’s Dog Supplement Treats work well as training rewards! Jolly Joints is especially helpful in keeping your dog’s joints in top form.

    Tasty Food Topper

    Dr. Shiba Dog Supplement Treats can help you introduce new foods to picky pups. Simply crumble these treats on top of your dog’s food and watch them gobble it down!


    • 🐕 Small doggos (up to 12kg): 6 treats
    • 🐕 Medium doggos (12-24kg): 12 treats
    • 🐕 Large doggos (more than 24kg): 24 treats
    • *1 Treat per kg of dog weight; can be reduced by 50% above 25kg.

    Save $$$ and Get More Treats

    Want to try different dog supplement treats from Dr. Shiba? The Quad Care Bundle is your top choice! It features our best-selling Happy Tummy along with Pro Immune, Silky Fur, and Jolly Joints, perfect for improving your pup’s overall well-being.

    Real Results from Real Dog Parents

    Don’t Just Listen to Us; Listen to Them!

    Happy Tummy Probiotic Supplement has truly transformed my dog's digestive health. Since starting this product, my furry friend has had fewer tummy upsets and increased vitality. I'm impressed with the noticeable positive change in their overall well-being. This supplement is a game-changer for any dog owner looking to support their pet's gut health.
    Archie Val Madamba
    Dr. Shiba, Silky Fur functional treats are very effective for my pomeranian with sensitive skin. My dogs started taking this treat on June 23, as recommended by their vet. We can already see the improvement in their skin and fur. Thanks, Dr. Shiba!
    Anne Mariel Gatpayat
    My two dachshunds are now 12 years old. They are very prone to allergies, fatty livers, and a low immune system. After enjoying the Happy Tummy treats for 4 weeks, they scratch less, and move about more actively! Thanks to you!
    Elizabeth Carandang
    Giving our 12-year-old shih tzu Dr Shiba Happy Tummy pills (Beef flavour) has given her what seems to be a second lease on life. Before, she was always itchy, listless, and stinky! Now, she has gained weight, moves about more, has stopped scratching, and is more energetic! Ang galing talaga ng probiotics in the Dr. Shiba Happy Tummy pills for our beloved shih tzu!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our supplement treats are suitable for puppies as young as four months old. Adult and senior dogs can also use Dr. Shiba’s Dog Supplement Treats for boosted health.

    Our dog treats offer an easy and effective way to supplement your dog’s diet by giving them the necessary nutrients in small, tasty chews. Dr. Shiba dog treats are also crafted with high-quality ingredients, with no additives or artificial colouring used in our formulations.

    Dr. Shiba’s Peaceful Paws is perfectly safe for dogs! Unlike other calming chews on the market, our Peaceful Paws is made with only natural ingredients, so your pup won’t experience the worrying grogginess that other calming aids give.

    Regular intake of our probiotic chews will give your pup the good bacteria they need to have a good balanced flora. The result? A healthier gut, stronger immune system, and less frequent allergy symptoms.

    Our dog supplement treats can be enjoyed any time of the day!

    Jolly Joints aren’t limited to senior dogs! Even puppies and adult dogs can enjoy these treats and enjoy the benefits of stronger hips and joints.

    Absolutely! Omega-3 fatty acids, in particular, are essential for enhancing your dog’s skin and coat. Silky Fur is an easy and tasty way to give your pup more omega-3 fatty acids.