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With over a thousand five-star review and widespread approval from Filipino veterinarians, the new skin and coat health method has left owners raving. So not try it?

What is it about our Dog Coat Supplements - Silky Fur that has received thousands of verified 5-star evaluations from dog parents?

IMPORTANT NOTE: You won't feel the need to try anything else after reading this.

Does it seem as though your dog's skin and hair remain in discomfort despite your best efforts and financial investments?

You certainly are not alone in feeling that way. Thousands of Filipino dog owners have expressed their dismay on:

 ❌ Balms
 ❌ Ointments
 ❌ Creams

Something strange is happening here. For the simple reason that "surface solutions" are widely believed to be the best option for providing your dog's epidermis with the necessary support.

The problem, though, is that conventional knowledge isn't always correct.

Worse yet, many dogs have been made to suffer needlessly due to this misconception.

What then is the correct approach if surface answers are incorrect?

You may be surprised to discover that your dog's poor gut health is to blame for his or her occasional itching, seasonal allergies, or yeast-related problems.

Sure enough, we're talking about digestive wellness.

The importance of maintaining good digestive health is outlined below.

Recent research has shown that a dog's immune system is affected by the bacteria in its digestive tract.

And a strong immune system is the foundation of good health.

Without this, no quantity of topical treatments for your dog will improve his or her quality of life.

The issue then becomes how to promote a healthy digestive system.

So, what is the solution, you ask?

Dr. Shiba's incredible Silky Fur Chews are dog supplements for a shiny coat.

And they contain 3 billion "units" of beneficial microorganisms!

A staggering 84% of customers are seeing results after 3 months of daily use

Before going deeper into the many benefits of the chews, it is essential to know precisely what goes into them.

Dr. Shiba has included 3 billion "units" of beneficial bacteria in each chew, all of which will be ingested by your dog and thrive in its digestive tract.

The purpose of this influx of beneficial bacteria is to restore digestive harmony in your dog and make him or her feel better overall.

Dr. Shiba has personally selected each type of bacteria for its beneficial effects on human health. Let's look at the possible outcomes of feeding your dog chews now.

It's helpful for seasonal allergens, yeast problems, and sudden bouts of itching.


A dog's mood and energy level can quickly change due to these all-too-common problems.

Already demonstrated, Dr. Shiba's Dog Coat Supplements - Silky Fur

With the immune system strengthened by Silky Fur Chews, your dog will be better able to deal with allergy season, unpleasant yeast problems, and the odd annoying itching that can come with them.

As a result, it can improve their disposition and alleviate stress.


And it’s not just physical problems these Dog Coat Supplements - Silky Fur Chews can help.

See like us humans, our dogs also experience environmental stress that can affect their mental well-being, especially if they’re part of big, loud families that also own multiple pets and put them in kennels when travelling.

This stress affects the digestive tract and impacts their mood - and if your dog is challenged by occasional stress due to travelling or environmental changes, or perhaps events like fireworks, then studies have shown that…

Dog Coat Supplements - Silky Fur could help a great deal.

PCCI also recommends giving your dog coat supplements a few days before you know they’re about to go through something potentially stressful. For example, around fireworks, moving or seeing the vet.

Plus, some dogs get stressed easier than others. If that’s the case for your pooch, then a daily dose of probiotics will help support everyday situations like going on car rides or being left alone while you’re at work.

And Let’s Not Forget Digestion!


By supporting the population of good bacteria that live in your dog’s digestive tract, you can FINALLY take control of their eye-watering gas and loose stools.

See, beneficial bacteria play many essential roles in your dog’s digestive process. They help break down food, produce key vitamins and important digestive enzymes.

The result? A dog with a happy, healthy tum and no discomfort.

Your dog will thank you after just weeks of taking the chews - just like Churro (pictured below)


And Churro isn’t alone. Tasha, an American Bully belonging to a close friend of mine, also had similar problems of itching and paw licking. But after a few weeks of taking the silky fur chews, she was a different dog - able to enjoy life again.

The Silky Fur chews have been a massive hit in the pet world and changed the lives of countless dogs globally.

In light of these incredible results, it's important to note that these chews aren't a magic pill to cure infections or serious skin problems. If this is the case for your dog then it's likely they need to see a vet.

That said, if you're looking to create the ideal gut environment to support and maintain healthy skin and overall wellness of your pup-this Dog Coat Supplement - Silky Fur chew is a MUST.


Countless pet parents love these Silky Fur chews

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All dog parents love these Silky Fur Chews

Based on 2298 reviews

Looks effective.. less scratching

gave you 5 star for your product happy tummy, my pet really likes it, bili uli ako once my stock needs refil. regular na poops nya.

happy to have known Dr. Shiba happy tummy

thanks for knowing Dr. Shiba my furson had been likcking his paws for quiet sometimes. my son was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. he used to drink medicine but i have to stop it since he is now 4 years and i worried about his liver and kidneys...been searching for supplements that will help me with his licking and scratching ...thanks God and to Dr. Shiba after 2 canisters finished I had seen improvements. the licking and scratching is becoming occassional now...i had just ordered my 3rd can...thank you very much...its literally a Happy Tummy supplement

thanks to dr. shiba happy tummy

it works for my fur babies, scratching and paw licking was lessened.

Hi. Her itchiness mellowed down. Hopefully it’s going to be gone soon after 1 more tub. Ty.

Happy Tummy - Probiotic Dog Supplements for a Healthy Gut

Healthier Fur Babies

Thank you Dr Shiba. You have the right medicine for our fur babies. We have been looking for more effective supplements for them and yours were the only ones that they found helpful

Triple Care Bundle

My pets are very picky but they love it 😍

My Samoyed didn’t like it but my other 2 dogs loves it

Happy Tummy & Pro Immune - Probiotic Dog Supplements for a Healthier Gut and Stronger Immune System

Thank you Dr. Shiba

My Toby loves his Happy Tummy so
much! His wellness is always my priority and this Happy Tummy has helped me attained my goal. We’ll surely buy for more, and have introduced this to my fur parents friends.

Fine nman

It's okay, she just like it.

Happy Tummy - Probiotic Dog Supplements for a Healthy Gut

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Triple Care Bundle (Happy Tummy, Jolly Joints, Silky Fur) - Probiotic Dog Supplements

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Happy Tummy - Probiotic Dog Supplements for a Healthy Gut

Happy Tummy - Probiotic Dog Supplements for a Healthy Gut

Happy Tummy - Probiotic Dog Supplements for a Healthy Gut


My furry boys love it.

Lucy and Dr Shiba

My dog Lucy (a chow chow) is heavy on scratching and thought it may be a tick but never found any not even one. But since I tried Dr Shiba, Lucy's scratching has been significantly reduced by 90%. I have started giving it to Charlie, our older chowchow and he too has stopped scratching and his appetite has tremendously improved. Really happy with Happy Tummy!

Happy Tummy - Probiotic Dog Supplements for a Healthy Gut

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Excellent for my fur babies