“My dog has been licking his paw and itching frequently. What do I do?”

Telling your dog to stop may work, but when the urge to lick their paws or itch is too strong, your pup may not listen to the command.
Often, these behaviours suggest that your dog needs grooming, but paw licking and itching can indicate more than that. Your dog may be showing signs of having an unwell gut.
A gut in poor condition lacks the friendly bacteria to stop the overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast. This results in allergy symptoms and, at worst, a weakened immune system.


Philippines’ First-Ever Dog Probiotic Treats

HAPPY TUMMY: The Only Probiotic Chews Your Dog Needs

  • Trusted by thousands of dog parents
  • Contains NO additives or artificial colouring
  • Available in Beef, Duck, and Salmon Flavours

Functional and Scientific

After extensive research, we found natural and scientifically proven ingredients that help with digestive issues. We carefully sourced them and only used high-quality components to craft Happy Tummy treats.

This is why dogs can enjoy Happy Tummy guilt-free. Every tasty treat is packed with nutrients, ensuring your dog’s gut gets the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Co-formulated by Veterinarians

What Makes Happy Tummy Better than Other Chews?

Dr. Shiba worked closely with leading veterinarians to develop a probiotic chew that meets the needs of dogs today.

As a result, Happy Tummy was created, packed with over 500 CFU of probiotics along with a proprietary enzyme blend. With Happy Tummy, your dog won’t need to worry about tummy troubles.

How to Improve Your Dog’s Gut Health

Including probiotics in your pup’s diet guarantees that they get the good bacteria their gut needs to function properly.

Unfortunately, traditional probiotic supplements are unappealing for dogs, making them difficult to give to your pet.

Introducing Happy Tummy Probiotic Chews!

These bite-sized wonders are tasty and nutritious solutions to your dog’s tummy woes. 

Given daily to dogs, Happy Tummy can:

  • Improve digestion and gut health
  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce the risk of diarrhoea
  • Help prevent allergies

Simply Yummy

We know how difficult it is for dogs to take traditional supplements, so we wanted to make sure our probiotic chews are as tasty as they are nutritious.

In the process, we found the most appealing flavours for canines, and now your pup can enjoy Happy Tummy in beef, duck, and salmon flavours! Yum.

Certified Goodness

We are committed to creating only the best treats for your canine companions, so we make it a point to have Happy Tummy probiotic chews reviewed and certified by trusted institutions.

Currently, Dr. Shiba is HACCP, GMP, ISO9001, and BAI-certified, meaning our probiotic chews are guaranteed safe and healthy to be consumed by your pup.


Chad N.

Very Effective!

When I saw the ad on IG, I was sceptical at first. But since I noticed that my dog was scratching, as was shown in the ad, I thought, "What do I have to lose if I try it?" I bought a pack and tried it for a few weeks. I noticed that not only did my dog stop scratching, but his fur was also better. He wasn't shedding as he used to. After that, I bought 2 packs each of the Happy Tummy and Pro Immune. I would recommend these to other dog owners who encounter the same issues with their dog's scratching.