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Is your dog always paw-licking? Then this Pre and Probiotic Chew is a must. Here's why

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews, what is it about our chews that have dog parents celebrating?

| Note: After reading, you’ll probably never go another day without feeding your dog this...

If your pup’s intermittent itching has you confused, then this article is a must-read. You’ll learn the TRUTH about their troublesome behavior, plus how to help.

Now, common sense would suggest that paw licking and head shaking are just surface issues, but oftentimes, the real cause can be found deep, deep down inside your dog’s body - in the form of a disrupted gut.

You see when a dog's gut is overwhelmed with bad bacteria and yeast overproduction, it can lead to a hyperactive immune system and some inflammation.

In simple terms, this means your dog is PRIMED for skin discomfort. With heightened sensitivity to the smallest allergen in the air, especially in delicate areas like paws and ears.

Your pup’s paw licking and head shaking are simply their ways of desperately trying to find comfort.

Luckily though, a remarkable new pre and probiotic chew has just hit the market that many are calling the "must-have product for every dog paw licking or dealing with headshaking. And an astounding 84% of customers are seeing results after 3 months of daily use* - it’s no wonder pet parents are raving about this.

Who would’ve thought a chew would get hailed as a ‘life-changer’ for dogs in 2023?

Dr. Shiba's Pre and Probiotics chews for dogs - Happy Tummy rocketed onto the market in 2020 and immediately started making waves on social media and in the news. Now, it’s one of the highest-rated pet supplement companies with over a thousand 5-star reviews!

Below are some of Pre and Probiotic chews for dogs' game-changing benefits that make it an absolute no-brainer for dog parents.

Pre and Probiotics for dogs - Happy Tummy chews help balance the natural bacteria in your dog's gut.

Many of your dog's issues are a reaction to something more worrying deep down in their gut: disruptive bacteria and yeast.

This disruption can be caused by environmental factors or poor diet but if the ’bad bacteria’ is left unattended, it can cause havoc on their immune system.

Recent studies show a dog's gut makeup and balance of good and bad bacteria impact its immune system. So, you can probably see why balancing their gut bacteria is important.

Fortunately, pre and probiotic chews are filled with 3 billion “units” of good bacteria! This good bacteria enters a dog's stomach and re-balances the overall bacteria makeup in their digestive system.



It can help with their mood and anxiety


Dogs get environmental stress just like us humans and stress levels can seriously affect their mental well-being. Especially if they’re part of big families that are loud, own multiple pets, and put them in kennels when traveling.

This stress affects the digestive tract and impacts their mood - and if your dog is challenged by occasional stress due to traveling or environmental changes, or perhaps events like fireworks, then studies have shown that…

Pre and Probiotics for dogs - Happy Tummy could help a great deal.

PCCI also recommends giving your dog probiotics a few days before you know they’re about to go through something potentially stressful. For example, around fireworks, moving, or seeing the vet.

Plus, some dogs get stressed easier than others. If that’s the case for your pooch, then a daily dose of probiotics will help support everyday situations like going on car rides or being left alone while you’re at work.

Your dog will thank you after just weeks of taking the Pre and Probiotics for dogs - Happy Tummy - just like Churro



Churro isn’t alone too. Binky, a German Spitz belonging to a close friend of mine, (the beautiful dog featured in the video you may have seen) also had similar problems of constantly itching and paw licking. But after a few weeks of eating the chews, he was a different dog - able to enjoy life again. Put simply...

The pre and probiotic for dogs - happy tummy chews have been a massive hit in the pet world and changed the lives of countless dogs globally.

In light of these incredible results, it's important to note that this pre and probiotics aren't magic pills to cure infections or serious skin problems. If this is the case for your dog then it's likely they need to see a vet.

That said, if you're looking to create the ideal gut environment to support and maintain healthy skin and overall wellness of your pup-this pre and probiotic supplement chew is a MUST.

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