5 Ways This Vet-Approved Joint Chew Will Make Your Dog (And You) Jump For Joy

Aching joints can make playtime painful for your canine companion. One joint supplement is giving them back their joy.

1. Improve your dog’s mobility & get them back in action

If watching a puppy grow and play is one of the greatest experiences in life, watching that same dog grow old and slow down is one of the most heartbreaking.

Joint disease in dogs rapidly increases after the age of 5 and can be debilitating. Dr. Shiba's Jolly Joint Chews are carefully formulated and vet-approved to target, combat, and prevent Osteophytes – the sharp spurs that form on your pup’s joints, causing them to be painful and stiff.

2. Energy-boosting ingredients, straight from nature

Your puppy used to run circles around you. We all experience waning energy levels as we age, but your pup’s energy levels may be telling you something about their supplementary needs.

Dr. Shiba knows that a dog’s desire to play isn’t just about their joint discomfort – it’s about their energy, too. Dr. Shiba Jolly Joint Chew formula includes ingredients like Omega-3 fatty acids (made from salmon) to give your dog the energy they need to play like a puppy again.

3. No pet sitter? No problem!

Whether you’re into hiking, camping, long walks on the beach, or just cruising with the windows down, having your dog with you makes your travels better every time.

As pups age, stiff joints and decreased mobility can make travel hard. Finding a pet sitter you can trust is as difficult as hiring a babysitter, and equally expensive.

But with Dr. Shiba, joint pain doesn’t have to slow down your dog – or take your four-legged copilot from you.

4. Keep your friends & family safe

A dog in pain is a dangerous dog. When Fido is in pain, a pat in the wrong area might lead to a reactionary nip.

It’s not their fault – we’re all grumpy when we’re hurting. Dr. Shiba Jolly Joint Chews will help ease their pain and allow them to enjoy time with the family without isolation, or worse – repercussions from biting someone.

5. A Dr. Shiba a day keeps the vet away

We’re all willing to go to any lengths to ensure our dogs feel their best, and vet visits are an expected part of owning a pet. But it can be expensive!

Dr Shiba believes that preventative measures are the best medicine when it comes to your dog’s health. Starting your dogs on Dr Shiba's Jolly Joint Chews BEFORE their joint discomfort turns into pain will keep them healthy, happy, and out of the vet’s office. (Your wallet will be happy, too.)

Your dog deserves to play like a puppy again!