Feeling Tense? So Might Your Pet!

Just like you, cats and dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety. Loud noises, unfamiliar people, and changes in routine can throw them off balance. What happens to your pet after?

Cats and dogs may hide, pace, or lash out when faced with stressors. Living under constant strain will eventually affect your pet's quality of life, leaving you with a sad companion.

Introducing Peaceful Paws:
Healthy Calming Chews
For Dogs!

Peaceful Paws by Dr. Shiba is co-developed by trusted veterinarians, offering natural soothing aid to canines.

Formulated with natural ingredients like Valerian Root, L-Tryptophan, and Suntheanine, Peaceful Paws helps your pet manage stress, anxiety, and aggression.

What Makes Peaceful Paws Better Than Other Calming Treats

Scientific and Filler-free

Dr. Shiba wants only the best for your fur baby.

So, we crafted Peaceful Paws with scientifically proven ingredients like L-Tryptophan, Valerian Root, and Ashwagandha.

Co-developed by Veterinarians

Like other Dr. Shiba supplement treats, Peaceful Paws was developed with leading veterinarians.

We wanted to make sure that our formulation will give your fur baby maximum benefits with no compromises.

Proprietary Blend

Peaceful Paws features our proprietary blend of Chamomile, Lavender, and Ginger, which is proven to help soothe cats and dogs without leaving them nauseous. 

Natural Calming Solution

Many calming aids on the market leave pets groggy and unlike themselves. At Dr. Shiba, we avoided this side-effect by straying away from chemical ingredients and only using proven calming ingredients.

Paw Parents Across the Philippines Love Peaceful Paws!

“My dog loves these calming chews! Enhances the overall well-being of my furry friend, Peaceful Paws Double Delight is a game-changer!”
“Peaceful Paws Double Delight is a game-changer! My dog loves these calming chews! Thanks😊👍 “
John P.
“We never run out of this. Our dogs continue to love them.”
Maria A.
“Dr. Shiba is a good brand and approved by the vet, so we trust the process. Our dog loves it. We will try other variants soon!”
“My dog loves these calming chews! The item was packed well. The seller shipped without delay. I received good quality merchandise. I will not hesitate to order from this shop again. Thank you!”

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend following the suggested serving size based on your dog's weight. Consult the packaging or your veterinarian for specific guidelines tailored to your pet's needs.

Peaceful Paws dog supplement treats are formulated with healthy ingredients, so you won’t need to worry about chemically-induced grogginess. However, you should monitor your dog for any adverse reactions.

Yes! Peaceful Paws, like other Dr. Shiba supplement treats, is designed for dogs as young as four months old.

Every dog is unique, so the onset of effects varies. Some may show signs of relaxation shortly after consumption, while others may take a bit longer. Always observe your pet and adjust as necessary.

Of course! Peaceful Paws is safe to combine with other Dr. Shiba treats.