Introducing Breezy Breath by Dr. Shiba

Say goodbye to your dog’s bad breath with Dr. Shiba’s Breezy Breath. Our innovative water additive is a game-changer in dog oral care, harnessing the magic of nature to revitalize your breath and transform your dog’s oral health.

The All-Natural Solution for Pup-Friendly Freshness

Tired of battling your furry companion's less-than-fresh breath? Embrace the natural essence of Breezy Breath, where all-natural ingredients create a refreshing solution that's free from any off-putting tastes or odours. 

Elevate Your Dog's Dental Care Game

Experience the delight of a healthier, happier pup with a sparkling grin! Dr. Shiba's Breezy Breath doesn't just freshen breath – it takes oral care to the next level. Our innovative formula gently cleans your dog's teeth, helping to tackle pesky plaque and surface stains, while also promoting vibrant oral health. And yes, those wiggly gums are in for a treat too!

Why Choose Dr. Shiba's Breezy Breath for Dogs

✓ Unmatched Freshness: Embrace the natural burst of canine-friendly freshness without any unwanted tastes or scents.

✓ Gentle Clean: Effortlessly keep those pearly whites dazzling and prevent unsightly stains with every drink.

✓ Comprehensive Oral Care: Experience the holistic benefits of healthier gums, fresher breath, and happier teeth.

✓ No Compromises: Bid farewell to harsh chemicals and artificial additives – our formula is paw-sitively natural.

✓ Simple to Use: Just add Breezy Breath to your dog's daily water bowl for an enjoyable boost!

Ready to Embark on Fresh Adventures?

Click below to fetch Dr. Shiba's Breezy Breath and take the first step towards a pup with a healthier, fresher grin. Embrace lasting oral health for your furry friend and the joy of doggy kisses that'll make everyone smile!