Dr. Shiba's Hip & Joints Support Supplement

Your dog’s joints need help after the age of 5

The older your furry family member gets, the more their body produces something called Osteophytes.

Osteophytes are sharp spurs that begin to grow, causing your dog's joints to become painful and stiff.

The chart above shows clearly that joint disease in dogs rapidly increases after age 5. The only way to prevent this is through proper supplementation.

We offer a 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee with each order.

Most supplements are a waste of money–Dr.Shiba actually works!

Unfortunately, just like any other industry, the pet industry is full of fake promises that do not deliver actual results.

Dr. Shiba is the only hip, joint, and bone supplement in the dog industry that includes all essential ingredients recommended by veterinary experts.

It does not only contain nutrients actively supporting hips, joints, and bone structures but also crucial vitamins that ensure your dog's body can absorb the supplements properly. 

Why Vets & Nutritionists recommend Dr. Shiba

These are the first treats I gave to my parvo recovering patients

"Thank goodness Dr. Shiba is made with only healthy ingredients and supplements that benefit dogs. These were the first treats I gave to some of my dog patients. Since they smell great and have an easily chewable consistency, it is easy to encourage dogs to eat them - they love them! I'm glad I have tried the products and have witnessed several patients already who have improved appetite, coat condition, and joint health."

Emerald-Al J. Logranio

DVM Licensed Veterinarian

Mindz Pet Veterinary and Grooming Services Center.

Real Dogs, Real Results

Below are real testimonials from real customers that have seen results with Dr. Shiba's Jolly Joint Chews.


Njae, (Valenzuela City, PH). REAL CUSTOMER.

“A few months ago, Butter started putting weight on her back leg and walking slower. After trying Dr. Shiba's Jolly Joints, she’s running more than I’ve ever seen her do it before!”



Yuni, (Antipolo City PH). REAL CUSTOMER.

“Cola stopped being able to jump on the couch. After 3 months with Dr. Shiba's Jolly Joints, she’s back to jumping on the back of our truck!”



Ken, (Quezon City PH). REAL CUSTOMER.

“Dr. Shiba saved me from having to put Bruno down. I’m grateful, I’m forever grateful for them, from the bottom of my heart.”

We offer a 30-day, risk free money-back guarantee with each order.

Delivered Fast, Results Guaranteed!


FAQ [Happy Tummy]

Stomach issues in dogs can have several causes, but diet plays an important role. In order for your dog to overcome whatever they are feeling in their tummies, we must ensure that we are extra careful with their diet. Happy Tummy takes part in making your dog feel great - the active ingredients in it aid digestion and provide your dog with healthy bacteria that can prevent stomach problems and upset gasses.

Happy Tummy is suggested for all dogs 4 months of age and above, because a species-appropriate and a well-balanced diet is essential for them. The sooner you start, the longer your dog can make the most of its benefits!

Premium quality food is very important for your dog's digestion. Dr. Shiba’s Happy Tummy contains all of the prime natural minerals and vitamins that contribute to a dog's health as well as important pre- and probiotics that support a dog's digestion and have an overall positive impact on health.

You'll be happy to learn that Dr. Shiba's Happy Tummy already contains all the important pre-and probiotics your dog needs! Prebiotics and probiotics are crucial for your dog's gut flora and can significantly affect digestion. What is important is the total number of germs in the microorganisms. The total germ count indicates how many microorganism colonies are in a food sample. We guarantee that Happy Tummy contains a minimum total bacterial count of 100 million Colony Forming Units (CFU) per snack. We have this number checked regularly to keep it within a healthy range for your doggo. These extremely beneficial microorganisms promote a healthy bowel and digestive system.

FAQ [Jolly Joints]

Jolly Joints ensures a smooth hip swing for old dogs. The active ingredients contained provide support for the hips, joints, bones, muscles and ligaments.

We recommend Jolly Joints for all dogs 4 months of age and above, because the health of the joints should be supported and promoted from a young age. And the earlier you start, the longer your doggo will benefit from it!

Jolly Joints is good for all doggos. Older dogs with joint and ligament problems will particularly benefit from this supplement, but optimally you start prevention feeding Happy Tummy at a young age to your furry family member!

Yes! Dietary supplements can relieve joint pain. The green-lipped mussel in particular, with its natural powers, can help strengthen the joint and alleviate existing pain. However, dietary supplements are not pain relievers. If your dog is in severe pain, please take him to the vet!

All dogs benefit from Jolly Joints. Large, sporty, and very active breeds such as Labrador Retrievers are known to have hip and joint problems and need a lot of support. Similarly, a lot of smaller breeds and generally pure breeds tend to develop problems. There is no better way to proactively take precautions than with Jolly Joints.

All dogs benefit from nutritional supplements. Jolly Joints are ideal to prevent problems in the future!

If the joint problems are not too advanced, you can support your dog with natural food supplements such as the green-lipped mussel It contains many important ingredients that can provide positive support for your dog's joints and relieve joint pain. It is one of the key ingredients of Jolly Joints in addition to many other natural ingredients that can naturally support your dog's joint health.

FAQ [Silky Fur]

Dogs need important vitamins and minerals to keep their fur shiny. Omega-3 fatty acids and iodine are especially important for shiny coats. They provide strong hair roots and a glossy, bouncy coat. Dr. Shiba’s Silky Fur contains many omega-3 fatty acids from pure salmon oil as well as iodine. Other supporting minerals and nutrients coat and skin health are also included.

Silky Fur is recommended for all dogs 4 months of age and above because a balanced and species-appropriate diet is the key to a glossy and soft coat. And the sooner you start, the longer your dog can benefit!

A dog's coat needs many important nutrients and minerals to return to its supple, shiny coat. Dr. Shiba's Silky Fur contains all the key ingredients to make your dog's fur shiny again!

Itching can cause discomfort to our dogs. To stop it, you need to prioritize taking good care of their coat and skin because poor grooming often causes dogs to itch. Dr. Shiba’s Silky Fur can help cease the annoying itching and unpleasant licking. The omega-3 fatty acids promote a healthy skin and alleviate the effects of allergies, dandruff, and certain skin conditions. If the itching persists, consult a trusted veterinarian right away.

Not at all! Food dietary supplements don’t only support old and sick doggos. Young and healthy dogs can benefit from dietary supplements because a supplementary intake, especially when taken earlier, creates many benefits before different problems can arise. With our undeniably delicious snacks, you proactively make a long-time period of fitness for your dog. This way, you may save your dog from several illnesses and issues, or lessen the negative consequences on doggos who are already unwell.

What customers say about Dr. Shiba

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Dr. Shiba's Triple Care Bundle
Leberynth Pailagutan

Dr. Shiba's Triple Care Bundle

My dog really likes the beef flavor treats. Very satisfied customer here.

Noticed Lesser scratching

Going to continue to order bec we have noticed Dani (golden retriever) itching and scratching lesser. But too soon to tell so going to order another 2 bottles to see if the change we noticed will continue.

NEW! Dr Shiba Squeaky Toys
Milagros Estrella Villame
Squeaky toy

The toy was so cute. My granddaughters liked it so much

Dog Coat Supplements - Silky Fur
Rose Ann Erlie Davila

Dog Coat Supplements - Silky Fur

NEW! Dr Shiba Squeaky Toys

Dr. Shiba's Twin Care Bundle Happy Tummy

Pre and Probiotics for Dogs - Happy Tummy

Pre and Probiotics for Dogs - Happy Tummy

Pre and Probiotics for Dogs - Happy Tummy

Great product

My dog loves it

Probiotics for Dogs - Happy Tummy

My dog had great relief in his iching and paw licking. Redness on his skin started to improve. This is a great product.

Dr. Shiba's Twin Care Bundle Happy Tummy

Dr. Shiba's Triple Care Bundle

Dr. Shiba's Triple Care Bundle

Less Itching

As I've tried the Dr. Shiba Happy Tummy to my dogs, i saw them scratching less especially their ears and paw licking. It was an amazing experience for my dogs and they loved the treats. Deciding to have another order of this Happy Tummy.

Silky fur supplement

Awesome..very silky smooth and shiny and good appetite 😍


Yes i am happy for the triple bundle.

Happy Tummy

My fur babies really like it and the red spots and itchness were gone. It really is a happy tummy for them 🥰

Great for my dogs, their fur and their health and bones specially to the jolly joints they are in great shape. Thank you always.

Dr. Shiba's Twin Care Bundle Happy Tummy
Milagros Estrella Villame
Twin Care Bundle Happy Tummy

Seemingly my fur babies liked the treats. Will try other flavors next time and maybe I could stick on to one flavor which they like most

happy dogs happy tummy


Pre and Probiotics for Dogs - Happy Tummy

Happy Tummy, Happy Furbabies

Hello, Dr. Shiba!
Thank you so much for the twin care bundle Happy Tummy! Happy Treats, Happy Furbabies!

Pre and Probiotics for Dogs - Happy Tummy