City Pup's Paradise: Navigating Fur Parenthood in the Bustling Metro

City Pup's Paradise: Navigating Fur Parenthood in the Bustling Metro

Life in the city can be a whirlwind. The traffic jams, the high-rise condos, and the endless meetings that seem to stretch on forever – we've been there. But amidst this concrete chaos, one constant source of joy and comfort makes it all worthwhile – our fur babies!

Dog parenthood in the metro comes with unique challenges and joys. As fur parents ourselves, we know what it's like to balance work, life, and the endless love for our pooches. If you find yourself at a loss or overwhelmed, no worries. Sometimes, it takes a pack to raise a pup. 

We're in this together, whether it's navigating the city streets or finding pet-friendly spots to unwind. So, let's walk through a few tips to make city life more manageable for you and your furry friend. 

Search for Urban Oases

Picture this: It's a Saturday morning, and you wake up after a long night's sleep, fatigue still coating your limbs like a second skin. Your pup is by your side, body wriggling in excitement and eyes seemingly pleading. 

It's been a while since you two bonded, but cuddling just wouldn't do it. What's a tired paw parent to do? If you have the time, you can visit a dog park for a change of pace. Many dog parks have recently opened around Metro Manila, making them more accessible to city dogs.

Dogs on a walk

One dog park we especially like visiting is BarkYard, which you can find in Ayala Malls. While they are less spacious than, say, BGC Central Bark 2, BarkYards more than make up for it with the convenience they offer. Since you can find these dog parks in shopping centres, you can plan a full day out with your doggo.

Watch as they prance around with other pooches, making friends with big and small dogs. After, you can roam around, do a bit of shopping, and choose a dog-friendly restaurant or cafe. Make sure to fit your pup with a diaper and bring their identification to avoid mishaps. 

Check the Weather App

The Philippines may not have freezing winters, but it does have heavy rain and scorching days, both of which can affect your pup's well-being. Knowing this, you should check the weather app daily to plan your and your pup's day weather.

Let's say it's expected to be hot one day, and you have to go into the office. If you learned beforehand, you can create a comfortable space for your pup. You leave them with a fan, prep fresh water, and organise food they can munch on while you're out. 

Mobile weather app

On dreary days, when the thunder shakes the earth, and the lightning illuminates the sky, you can play distracting music or shows for your pup, helping them get cosy despite the terrible weather. 

Knowing what the day is like is also helpful for any day trips you may have. This information allows you to gather the necessary dog care items, plan cute outfits for you and your dog, and choose appropriate locations for the day. 

Prep for Emergencies

Thinking about disasters is a sure way of ruining your day. However, you must also prepare for the worst for you and your pup. Preparing for potential catastrophes can lead to reliable backup plans and complete emergency kits.

To get started, you may want to create a list of disasters you may experience in the city, both natural and man-made. Considering events like typhoons, fires, and earthquakes can give you a better idea of what you need to have ready for you and your furry friend.

Puppy next to a first aid kit

We also recommend creating a list of items you use or need regularly. This includes your dog's favourite food and Dr. Shiba treats, hygiene items like powder and wipes, and medication. After the essentials, compile important documents and emergency funds in a secure location to easily grab them.

Also, prepare two separate bags, one for you and your pup. They don't have to be giant but just the right size to have the items above. If possible, these bags should be easy to carry, too, so you can quickly get them while evacuating. 

Pet-Proof Your Space

Dogs, especially puppies, can be pretty energetic. Many also love to chew on everyday household items, which can be disastrous and expensive in the long run. If you haven't yet, pet-proof your space so you two can enjoy life in the city safely and happily.

There are many ways to go about this task, and you can begin by keeping wires and small objects out of your pet's way. One thing you can do is invest in cord protectors to stop itching teeth from getting to them. An alternative is to run wires along the wall, securing them with hooks or wire tape.

Dog at home

Does your dog freely roam at home? If you want to keep them away from certain rooms, like the kitchen, why not install baby gates? These are purchasable online and help keep curious noses from spaces they shouldn't be.

Other items you want to keep safe are medication and cleaning products, all hazardous to your pup. Having a designated space for each group of items would be good, and an alternative is to store them somewhere high and away from naughty paws.

Stay On Top of Puppy Needs

As fur parents, we want our pups to be happy and healthy. We buy them the squeakiest toys and the most delicious dog treats to achieve this goal. However, raising a dog doesn't mean just indulging their wants. We also need to meet their needs. That means staying informed.

Dogs are ever-changing. Their needs may differ from their needs five years from now, so it's not enough to rely on what you currently know. One advice is to work closely with a local vet to oversee your pup's overall health.

Dog carried by vet

Veterinarians have a wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling them to help fur parents make sound decisions. They also know the specialised needs of each breed, so you can comfortably rely on them regardless of whether you have a Shi Tzu or Corgi.

Another tip is to avoid falling for trends fast, especially regarding food and treats. Many dog snacks on the market claim to be good for your fur baby but turn out to be filled with extenders and artificial ingredients. It's best to ask your vet first or opt for dog treats already approved by trusted experts

Final Thoughts

Life in the city can indeed be a whirlwind. The daily grind, constant rush, and the city's unique challenges can feel overwhelming. But as dog parents in the metro, we understand that our pups bring boundless joy and comfort, making every bit of chaos worthwhile.

So, as you continue your journey of fur parenthood in the city, keep these tips in your back pocket. They'll help you create a haven for your dog amidst the urban chaos, and your pup will thank you with many kisses.

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