Doggie the Explorer: Discovering the Beauty of the Philippines with Fido

Doggie the Explorer: Discovering the Beauty of the Philippines with Fido

Becoming a fur parent means making sacrifices, like reorganising one's home for pet-proofing or adjusting budgets to spoil your pooch with delicious dog treats

For adventurous souls, it may mean tamping down the wanderlust to stay with your pet. After all, most establishments and locations don't allow their presence, so what's a paw parent to do? 

Staying at home was the sensible answer in the past, but it can be mind-numbing doing the same thing again and again. Fortunately, times have changed, and nowadays, it’s possible to travel with your canine companion.

In this guide, we're diving headfirst into pet-friendly travel – from handy tips to must-haves to unforgettable destinations that make tails wag with excitement. Let's go!

Five Must-Know Travel Tips for Paw Parents

Equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge is the first step to planning a paw-some adventure. Here are some to get you started:

Tip 1: Search for Pet-Friendly Stays

Dog wearing sunglasses, relaxing

We can all agree that our doggos are our babies, so the trip we plan needs to centre around their comfort and enjoyment. So, before anything else, you want to look up pet-friendly accommodations. 

In the past, doing so would have been tricky, but more locations are open to accepting furry guests for fixed amounts. A quick Google search containing the destination and 'pet-friendly hotel' can do the trick, but if you need more clarification, you can also call your chosen hotel to double-check. 

When searching for pet-friendly accommodations, you can also ensure they have amenities your pup can enjoy. Some hotels only allow pets inside, while others offer care kits, including food and water bowls, pyjamas, and delicious dog treats. The key is to ask as early as now. 

Tip 2: Update Essential Documents

Dog passport and essentials

Everybody knows that travelling without a passport is a big no-no. Well, the same principle applies to your pup. As a responsible paw parent, you must check the documents required for your journey.

Remember that necessary documents change depending on your destination and if the trip is local or international. However, there are some items that you can't leave home without, such as your pup's vaccination records. 

Anti-rabies certification shouldn't be over a year, and your pup must also be vaccinated against viral diseases like distemper and parvovirus. In most cases, you also need a health certificate from the vet.

Tip 3: Prepare a Travel-Ready Pet Kit

Dog sitting on luggage outside an open car trunk

Have you ever gone on a trip and realised you left something behind, perhaps swimwear or a camera? It's frustrating if this happens to you, so it's crucial to make a list of items you need for the trip.

Now, your doggo may need fewer bags than you, but it's still wise to note down things that can improve their travel experience. Some must-haves are:

  • First aid kit
  • Travel bowl(s)
  • Waste bags
  • Hygiene items
  • Dog food and supplements
  • Pet restraints (e.g. leashes and crates)

Pack these in a separate bag to easily access doggy items in times of need. Of course, every pup is unique, so make sure to consult your vet, too, in case your furry friend needs medication for the journey. 

Tip 4: Discover Pet-Friendly Activities

Dog swimming in the sea

Staycations have grown popular in recent years. This is not surprising since many enjoy slow vacations, lounging around, eating good food, and enjoying great company.

On the other hand are the thrill seekers; people who make the most of trips by taking in sights and trying everything the place offers. If you're the same, you should research activities you can do with your pup.

For waterside locations, you can check for sailing or kayaking opportunities. Fishing and swimming are good choices, too. Just make sure your dog has time for breaks and a bite of good dog treats so they can have the best experience. 

Tip 5: Keep Health and Safety a Priority

Dog drinking water from a bottle

Think back to every vacation you've been on. Many, if not all, must have been fun and exciting. Your pet should have the opportunity to make good memories, and they can only do that when they're in top condition.

It's easy to get lost in the thrill, but remember that your dog relies on you to keep them safe. When planning the trip, consider rest times between activities and ensure that all activities are safe for pets. 

Additionally, keep them hydrated and fed at all times. You may want your pup to try local cuisine, but having their favourite dog food and supplements on hand is a good backup plan in case no option is safe for dogs or if they don't like unfamiliar food. 

Five Must-Visit Places for Paw Parents and Pups

Armed with top-notch tips for planning the ulti-mutt vacation, you and your pup can now look for your next destination. Need help figuring out where to start? Why not visit some of these locations:

Destination 1: Baguio - The Cool Highlands Retreat

Colorful houses in Baguio

Known as the 'Summer Capital of the Philippines,' Baguio is a paradise for paw parents seeking a cool retreat. It's a refreshing escape for you and your pup, with its picturesque pine trees and year-round cold climate.

Many popular spots in Baguio aren't pet-friendly, but hidden gems surround the city. If you want to appreciate nature, visit Winaca Eco-Cultural Village. It boasts an open space perfect for frolicking and luscious anthurium and poinsettia farms for photo backgrounds. 

Dogs aren't allowed to pick strawberries with their paw parents, but many vendors sell these delectable fruits. Buy some for your pup while you enjoy Baguio's unique strawberry taho. You can also enjoy a meal at one of the many pet-friendly cafes, like Marauder's Brew Café at Kisad Road

Destination 2: La Union - Sun, Surf, and Sand

A bird's eye view of a beach in La Union

Want to head to the beach this summer? Instead of going to Boracay, why not head over to La Union? This province is known for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, and exhilarating activities. It's also an excellent place to go surfing.

Even better is that there are numerous pet-friendly accommodations in the area, like Seascape Resort, Resto & Spa. This beachfront resort has a big pool, an in-house restaurant, and plenty of hangout spaces. Plus, they don't charge pet fees, so you only need to pay for their standard check-in prices. 

Many of the cafes and restaurants in La Union are alfresco, meaning that you can dine with your pup. Once you've tasted the local cuisine, it's time to have some fun under the sun. You can go swimming, play fetch, and meet other paw parents. Don't forget to bring sunscreen and your pup's good dog treats!

Destination 3: Tagaytay - A Southern Gem of Serenity

A photo of Taal Lake in Tagaytay

Tagaytay, a southern getaway just a short drive from Metro Manila, is ideal for dog parents looking to unwind amidst scenic beauty and fresh mountain air.

Want to go on a picnic? Head to Picnic Grove for a quiet afternoon with your pup. This spot offers a panoramic view of Taal volcano and sprawling grass fit for picnics. If you’re ready for exploration and picture-taking, visit Sonya’s Garden. This dog-friendly haven is known for its gorgeous gardens and in-house bakery. 

Tagaytay's serene landscapes and pet-welcoming vibe create a tranquil atmosphere for dog owners seeking a peaceful retreat in the south. It's the perfect place to rejuvenate and create lasting memories with your four-legged friend.

Destination 4: Baler - Ride the Waves of Adventure

Sunset view of a beach in Baler

Baler is the perfect destination for adventurers and their four-legged companions. This coastal town is famous for its fantastic surf spot and vibrant beaches, making it a must-visit for sea-loving paw parents.

You and your pup are spoiled for choices when it comes to dog-friendly accommodations. But if you want a reliable place to stay, try Charlie's Point Baler, which offers spacious rooms and beachfront views. Here, you can relax and feed your pooch delicious dog treats before exploring. 

If you want to try surfing, visit Sabang Beach, a hub for surfers of all levels. While you're riding the waves, your dog can happily romp in the sand or cool off in the sea breeze. In the evening, you can walk along the coastline with your pup to wind down. Remember to catch one of Baler's famous sunsets!

Final Thoughts

The magic of travel lies in the shared moments, new horizons explored together, and bonds that grow stronger with each adventure. Each destination we've uncovered offers a unique experience, be it the refreshing highlands of Baguio or the sun-soaked beaches of La Union.

So, gear up for more tail-wagging adventures with your beloved pup. The world is full of pet-friendly treasures waiting to be discovered, and you and your furry friend make a paw-some team ready for exploration. 

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