9 Fun Valentines Day Activities with Your Furry Friend

9 Fun Valentines Day Activities with Your Furry Friend

Valentine’s Day is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. It’s a prime opportunity to showcase your deep love and affection for others. It’s also a chance to enjoy delicious sweets just cause!

As this special day draws near, consider your loyal com-paw-nion at home. Your pup or cat may not enjoy the sweets or gift your flowers, but you can still celebrate this holiday with them! 

Curious about how to have fun this Valentine's Day with your pet? We've got you. Here are some paw-some activities to do on February 14.

With Canine Companions

Your pup is one of the best dates you can have during Valentine's Day. They won't stand you up and will likely enjoy any activity you plan for the holiday. Still, it won't hurt to be prepared, so here are some ideas to try!

Mutt-ster Chef

Dog wearing a chef hat

Food is the fastest way to the heart; the same applies to your beloved pup! For the 14th, why not bring out your chef’s apron and whip up a delicious homecooked meal for you two?

A steak dinner is an excellent choice for you and your furry friend. For your dog, consider a low-fat cut, no seasoning, seared in a hot pan with olive oil. You can include mashed potatoes and roasted carrots with crumbled beef dog treats for a more meaty flavour!

Dog in front of uncooked steak

To finish off the hearty meal, why not have dessert? If you indulge in ice cream, you can offer your pup frozen Greek yoghurt with bananas so they can have a sweet treat, too! Just avoid food no-nos so you and your dog can have the best date ever.

Treat Hunt

Dog sniffing plant

Do you want a more interactive activity for Valentine's? Why not organise a treat hunt for your pup? You can hide fancy dog treats around your living space and watch your furry friend sniff them out!

Ready-made treats like Dr. Shiba's Happy Tummy and Pro Immune dog supplements work great for this plan, but you can also make homemade ones following a healthy dog treat recipe for something more memorable.

Dr. Shiba Happy Tummy and Pro Immune in Salmon

Mashing dog-friendly fruits like bananas and apples with xylitol-free peanut butter and crushed beef dog treats will yield delicious no-bake treats perfect after a long adventure.

Puppy Love Photoshoot

Dog holding a camera

Photos help immortalise good memories, so how about planning a photoshoot with your pup this Hearts Day? 

You can approach this plan in various ways, including a DIY photoshoot at a nearby dog park, cafe, or even at home! Another option is to go to a pet-friendly studio like Sunny East Side Photo Studio in Marikina or ATOMM Studios Batasan in Quezon City. 

If you opt to take photos in public or at a studio, bring the essentials with you, like pet diapers, cute outfits, and your pup's favourite beef dog treats! The treats are especially important to reinforce and reward good behaviour. 

DIY Doggie Spa

Dog getting pampered

Want to pamper your pup this Valentine's? Instead of going to a pet-friendly spa, why not have a self-care day at home? Preparing for a DIY spa day can make the experience more unforgettable for your dog, and you can ensure that all products used are of good quality, too!

Dog getting brushed

For a comprehensive spa day, you can give your pup a relaxing shower or bath, taking care to gently massage the shampoo into your pet’s fur. You can start at the head before moving downwards, first to the shoulders, back, legs, and tail.

After the bath, you can proceed with other spa day activities, including any of the following:

  • Pedicure
  • Brush and dry
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Dry massage

Pro tip: prepare snacks you and your pup can enjoy before starting your spa day. This way, you don't need to separate to get them fancy dog treats for good behaviour.

A Day with Paw-casso

Corgi dressed as an artist

Embrace your artistic flair this Valentine's Day with a unique activity that combines creativity and your pet's playful nature. By combining non-toxic paint, delicious and healthy dog treat recipes, and a curious pup, you get an engaging activity bound to leave lasting memories and beautiful keepsakes.

To start, choose a base for your artwork; we recommend a canvas to pair well with your chosen paints. Next, select a collection of colours you want featured in the piece and dab them around the canvas's surface. After, cover the paint dabs with clingwrap, careful not to smudge the paint. 

Once your "easel" is ready, crumble your pup's favourite beef dog treats on the wrapped canvas. Make sure to spread the treats evenly before introducing your dog to their new workspace. As they gather their yummy snack, watch as a new masterpiece is created. 

Snuggle and Movie Night

Dog in a bathrobe holding popcorn

Busy during the day on the 14th? Well, it's not the end of the world since you can still celebrate in the evening! A cosy movie set up with a tray of snacks for you and your pup can definitely elevate the experience.

Some snacks your pup can munch on are beef dog treats from Dr. Shiba, shredded boiled chicken, and even cubed veggies and fruits for variety. Once all the treats are assembled, you can dim the lights, light some scented candles, and relax for the night.

Choose a selection of pet-friendly films or episodes you and your dog will enjoy. Animated movies featuring animals or heartwarming tales of friendship are ideal choices.

With Feline Friends

While most cats may not be as energetic as dogs, they still make excellent companions, especially if you have no date this Valentine's Day. Here are five fun ideas to try with your feline friend.

Playtime Puzzle Party

Cat with a toy

Challenge your cat's mind and stimulate their senses with an engaging playtime puzzle party this Valentine's Day! Gather their beloved toys and favourite Prof. Bengal treats to prepare for the date.

Puzzle toys are the best for this enrichment, especially ones that can store small amounts of treats. As your cat works to retrieve the treats, they will be rewarded with delicious flavours and a sense of accomplishment. 

Feline Film Night

Cat wearing movie glasses and holding a popcorn bucket

Another easy yet fun idea for this Hearts Day is a feline film fest at home! Transform your living space into a cosy cinema with fluffed-up pillows, soft blankets, and your cat's beloved toys. For viewing, consider colourful films that aren't too explosive to capture your pet's interest.

To enhance the movie-watching experience, curate a delicious spread for you and your kitten, including Prof. Bengal's delicious treats for nutrients and taste. You can also scatter the treats around the area for your cats to explore.

Whisker Wellness Workshop

Cat getting massaged

Promote your cat's overall well-being and relaxation with a whisker wellness workshop focusing on pampering and self-care. Create a serene and calming environment with soft lighting, soothing music, and comfortable cushions for your cat to relax on.

Once you've created the setting, plan wellness activities, such as gentle massages, brushing sessions, and aromatherapy treatments using cat-safe essential oils. Keep some Prof. Bengal Silky Fur treats handy as a delicious break in between.

Kitty Dining

Cat sitting on a dining chair

Why not spoil your cat with a personalised dining experience this Valentine's Day? You can craft a special menu for them, considering their favourite flavours when selecting dishes. You can prepare cat-friendly fish dishes or mix fresh ingredients, or Prof. Bengal treats with kibble or wet food to elevate them.

Regardless of your dishes, you should plate the food elegantly. Another consideration: prepare a charming dining setting by draping a soft cloth and arranging your cat's treasured toys nearby. Creating the perfect setting may not seem important, but it makes the meal more memorable. 

Final Thoughts

Cat and dog cuddling

Valentine’s Day may be traditionally dedicated to romantic relationships, but you can still celebrate other forms of love, including the unconditional bond between humans and their pets. 

Whether you find yourself single, in a relationship, or simply wanting to share this special day with your furry friends, the joy and warmth of Valentine's Day can be experienced in countless ways.

Dr. Shiba and Prof. Bengal wish you a Happy Hearts Day! Make the day extra special for pups and cats with fancy dog and cat treats, available in several flavours. Shop now!

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