Introducing Liza "Hope" Soberano and the Dear Yuna project

Introducing Liza "Hope" Soberano and the Dear Yuna project

Paw parenthood changes a person intrinsically. We welcome pets into our hearts, and suddenly, our lives are changing. Every single aspect of ourselves transforms, and it's all thanks to the unconditional love and loyalty our pets offer.

At Dr. Shiba, we strive to help pets stay happy and healthy so we can spend many years by their side. For this reason, we developed supplement treats for cats and dogs, offering focused solutions for common health issues.

We also joined paws with Pawssion Project, an organisation that mirrors our values. A portion of our profits goes towards helping animals who have faced abuse, neglect, and abandonment – because we believe that no pet should be left behind.

But as we embraced the warmth of the pet-loving community, we realised that our mission needed a louder bark, a stronger purr. Pet care, after all, is a community effort, and we sought a voice that could resonate with pet parents everywhere.

That's how we connected with the beloved actress Liza “Hope” Soberano.

Hopeful Days Ahead...

Liza "Hope" Soberano holding a Dr. Shiba Pro Immune Tub

Hope made a name in show business through her awe-inspiring acting on television and the big screen, receiving praise from local and international fans alike. 

Now, you may wonder, "How can a regular person relate to a globally recognised star?" Well, away from the spotlight, Hope is a simple paw parent to a lovely Samoyed named Yuna.

Liza "Hope" Soberano feeding her dog Yuna Dr. Shiba treats

She may be a busy, working adult, but Hope does her best to give Yuna the care she deserves. Hope understands the worries, joys, and responsibilities of caring for a fur baby, and she's a health-conscious fur mom, too.

Aside from her diligent paw parenting, Hope’s commitment to animal welfare drew our attention. We noticed that she’s always finding ways to improve Yuna’s quality of life and overall health, and she believes that all pets deserve the same care and treatment, too.

Hope’s unique journey in paw parenthood resonated with us, making her the perfect voice for Dr. Shiba.

A Day in the Life of Hope, Yuna, and Dr. Shiba

Liza "Hope" Soberano with a veterinarian and Shiba dog

Paw parenthood is a lifestyle where pet wellness isn't an occasional task to accomplish but a daily commitment. This is the message Dr. Shiba wants to share with others through the Dear Yuna project.

In addition, the Dear Yuna project emphasises pet health and well-being by offering a glimpse into Hope and Yuna's daily routine. From morning walks to cosy nighttime cuddles, Hope shows how easy it is to boost canine nutrition with Dr. Shiba's supplement treats.

Liza "Hope" Soberano doing Yoga with her dog Yuna

Besides spreading the message of holistic and everyday pet care, the Dear Yuna project also highlights the unique and beautiful relationship between paw parents and pets. Hope and Yuna share a remarkable bond, and Hope's love for her fur baby is palpable as she reads a heartwarming message for Yuna.

Hope's letter to Yuna also expresses her desire to give Yuna only the best care. This longing has led Hope to Dr. Shiba as she wants to ensure that Yuna receives the nutrients needed to stay in top form.

Liza "Hope" Soberano giving Yuna Dr. Shiba treats in the kitchen

Dr. Shiba helps Hope achieve this goal by offering scientific and focused solutions to common canine problems in the form of supplement treats. In the latest film, Hope gives Yuna Pro Immune dog supplement treats, which are crafted with vitamins and minerals that enhance canine immunity.

In this regard, the Dear Yuna project demonstrates that holistic pet care need not be complicated. Paw parents like Hope can give their fur babies the nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy through quick, tasty bites, avoiding the struggle that often comes with feeding traditional supplements.

Liza "Hope" Soberano and her dog Yuna in bed

The Dear Yuna project, at its core, is a collaboration that showcases the authentic bond between paw parent and fur baby and the commitment to animal welfare that is part and parcel of paw parenthood.

More than that, Dear Yuna is a celebration of the joy that pets bring to our lives.

Stay tuned as we unravel more behind-the-scenes moments, exclusive content, and maybe a surprise or two. Project Yuna is more than a collaboration; it's a movement that celebrates the authenticity of pet care and the joy that our pets bring into our lives.

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