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The simple daily chew for environmental allergy support

If your dog has problems during allergy season, pay attention!

Because there is an easy way to help..HAPPY TUMMY

Why a healthy gut is the key to a good allergy season...

Just give this some thought. The gut is home to about 70% of your dog's immune system. So, almost all of their natural defenses are in one small area.

That means that if a lot of bad bacteria or yeast grow in the digestive tract or gut microbiome, the immune system can completely shut down. Leaving environmental allergies a lot of room to cause trouble.

To keep bad bacteria and yeast in check, you need to send a steady, strong stream of good bacteria straight into the gut. And that's exactly what Happy Tummy Chews are made to do.

How probiotics help the gut get back in balance and build up its natural defences


Each Happy Tummy Chew goes straight to the gut and sends 3 billion units of good bacteria there. This helps to restore the balance of bacteria in the gut and boosts yeast production before an overgrowth of yeast can happen.

With a strong and stable gut, your dog's immune system will stay in top shape and be able to work at full power. This is how you can get through allergy season.



This stuff works!
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How to use Happy Tummy Chews
A reward your pup will love!

Setting up a daily routine with Happy Tummy Chew couldn't be easier. Just follow the instructions that come with each tub and give them their daily dose based on their weight. You can use it as a reward for being good, so you don't have to do anything extra.

We pack these scientifically-backed ingredients into each chew!


Bacillus Coagulans

Nutritious Seaweed

Brewer's Yeast

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