Dr. Shiba functional snacks - happy tummy, silky fur, jolly joints

Benefits of Dr. Shiba Treats

Dr. Shiba's dog supplements are packed into tasty treats that are definitely pet-approved, compatible with each other, and better together! Dr. Shiba's complete line of supplements is formulated and manufactured in the UK using the highest quality ingredients. They were created in response to the demand for wholesome, healthy treats that contain vitamins and minerals for your beloved pet without adding unwanted ingredients like chemicals or dyes.

We're all about our dogs here at Dr. Shiba, and we know how important it is to keep your best friend and fur baby happy, healthy, and well-fed. That's why we've created functional dog snacks that are delicious and good for them too!

Here are 5 benefits of Dr. Shiba functional dog snacks:

It improves your dog's coat and skin.

Your dog's shiny fur that turns heads is no longer a dream. With fish oil, an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, and brewer's yeast, your dog can have a lustrous and beautiful coat that creates a buzz around town.

Silky Fur promotes natural hair growth, healthy skin, and improves scalp health. You can ensure your dog's skin stays sufficiently hydrated with the combination of vitamins and biotin. 

It regulates the intestines for healthy digestion.

The blend of different vitamins, proteins, and a variety of pre-and probiotics provides essential fiber, promoting healthy bowel regulation and actively supporting your dog's digestive tract. Dr. Shiba's Happy Tummy helps your doggo absorb food and nutrients, maintain water and electrolyte balance, eliminate toxins, etc.

Boosts immune system

Keeping your dog's immune system balanced is crucial for their health and well-being. A strong immune system is a basis for minimal risk of catching diseases. We have the opportunity to show our companions daily how much we love and care for them. Don't wait 'til it's "too late" to start treating them right-start today!

Great for dogs of all ages.

Dr. Shiba functional snacks benefit more than just ageing and ailing dogs. Dietary supplements can assist young and healthy dogs since supplemental intake, especially when taken earlier, creates many benefits before various problems occur. With our unquestionably tasty snacks, you actively create a lengthy period of fitness for your dog. You may save your dog from multiple illnesses and problems, or you may be able to mitigate the harmful effects on already ill dogs.

Strong bones and healthy joints.

Strong bones carry our dogs and keep them going, so the proper nutritional support is essential. Dr. Shiba's Jolly Joints snack has combined all key ingredients to deliver precisely that. It provides natural nutrients to increase joint health while improving your furry family member's flexibility, reducing inflammation and strengthening their cartilages.

With the combination of chondroitin, glucosamine, calcium, and vitamins, Dr. Shiba increases joint lubrication, strengthens connective tissue, and reduces the risk of joint inflammation, --making an active dog lifestyle seamless. 

When is the best time to give Dr. Shiba treats to dogs?

Give them as a treat 

Dr. Shiba's Treats are great rewards for dogs following instructions or doing something good.

Give them as a reward

Use Dr. Shiba Treats to reward your dog when they do something positive, like sit or lay down on command, or stop chewing on anything they shouldn't be chewing on.

Give them as a snack

Dogs love treats! If you're having trouble getting your dog to take their medicine, try dishing out some of these tasty treats before giving them the pill so that when you give your pup the pill, it will be easier to swallow, and they'll come back for more!

Give them as a reward for good behaviour

Dogs are always looking to earn our approval and loving attention, so why not use those things against them? The next time your dog does something worthy of praise (or maybe even better than average), toss one of these delicious chews and tell him how proud you are!

When it comes to functional dog snacks, Dr. Shiba offers the best of the best. Made with high-quality ingredients and purposeful blends of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, Dr. Shiba's functional snacks support your pup's joint health, digestive health, and overall wellness. 

So next time you're looking for a way to reward your pup for good behaviour, or want to ensure that you’re fur baby is in tip-top shape,  reach for Dr. Shiba's functional snacks—they'll love you even more for it!

Shop Dr. Shiba's full line of functional dog snacks today!

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